Looking around on LinkedIn the other day, I noticed how many people use the term “experienced” in their headline or summary. Generally speaking, “experienced” is code for “old” and maybe “expensive”. So, I would caution against using that word when describing yourself. Having a lot of experience doesn’t necessarily help you if employers think your experience is out-of-date or that you might be set in your ways.

In your headline, it’s usually better to state facts and use search terms that recruiters might use to find you. They’re going to search for “operations manager” with “lean manufacturing” expertise. They’re not going to search for “experienced”, “enthusiastic” or “accomplished”.

Let your experience speak for itself by including strong accomplishments in the body of your profile. If you want to include a “valued-added” statement about yourself, talk about results and what you can do for employers. “Retail turnaround specialist known for transforming low performing stores in record time” is better than “experienced store manager”.

So, avoid the general glowing adjectives and focus on specific skills, expertise and accomplishments that separate you from the other “experienced” candidates out there!