Our Mission:  To work in partnership to help you find meaningful work

We know that “jobs happen when preparation meets opportunity.” Experience has shown us that individualized, strategic and skillful preparation will give you the edge you need to successfully navigate any employment transition, career change or job search.  At CareerEdge, “preparation” means gaining an understanding of your talents and strengths, then learning how to confidently articulate your value in the marketplace.

Sue Kaiden

 About Sue Kaiden 

Sue Kaiden founded CareerEdge to help people discover their unique skills and strengths and then find employment that better suits them.  As a career consultant, Sue is committed to providing the individualized, strategic preparation that will give her clients the edge they seek in today’s challenging job market.

“CareerEdge is invested in your success. We have developed a process that will help you find – not just  a job — but meaningful employment that suits your personality, utilizes your talents and meets your financial needs.”  - Sue Kaiden, CareerEdge founder

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