Sue’s recent interview on Fox 29 about Personality Type and Job Satisfaction

CareerEdge Founder Sue Kaiden Appears on Fox 29 News To Share Insight On Topic of Job Satisfaction and Personality

Sue Kaiden, founder of CareerEdge, appeared live on Fox Philadelphia’s 5 PM Newscast earlier this month to share her expertise on the topic of how personality relates to job satisfaction. 

“I was happy to address this important topic, which is relevant in today’s challenging job market.  Less than 50% of employed people report that they are happy in their jobs, but few are aware of the practical steps they can take to improve job satisfaction,” commented Kaiden, who leads workshops on this and other career-related topics for many area organizations.  “Personality type affects both job success and satisfaction.   If you are in a job that is a good fit for your personality, you are likely to succeed because the skills required for the job will come naturally.  In addition, your personality helps to determine how well you fit into your company’s culture and how comfortable you are with your co-workers – two other important factors in your overall job satisfaction.”

Kaiden uses the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) with her clients to help them identify a career or work environment that suits their temperament.   The MBTI classifies individuals into 16 different personality types based on their preferences in four areas:  where they get their energy, how they gather information, how they make decisions and how they run their lives.   Essentially, personality type boils down to how one answers the following questions:

1)    What gives you more energy and where is your primary focus?  The outside world of people and things or the internal in the world of thoughts and ideas?

2)    How do you gather information?  Do you focus on details and things you can experience with your five senses or do you focus more on the big picture and your intuition?

3)     How do you make decisions?   Do you focus more on logic and analysis or do you concentrate more on how you feel about the decision and how it will affect others?

4)    Finally, how do you plan your life?  Do you like to plan ahead or are you more likely to go with the flow?

Individuals tend to gravitate towards different kinds of careers because of their natural gifts and talents.  For example, people who are more focused on the external world, tend to be more suited to jobs that require a lot of people contact.   Similarly, those with a preference for structure and planning ahead, tend to be more comfortable in organizations with well established procedures.  

With offices in Media, PA, Kaiden launched CareerEdge to help individuals find their edge in today’s challenging job market.  Individualized services in areas of Career Direction, Job Search and Interview Preparation are designed to people discover their unique skills and strengths and then move forward to find employment that better suits them.  In additional to her work with individual clients, Kaiden leads workshops on topics including Career Exploration, Finding Your Perfect Work, Focusing Your Job Search for Optimal Results, Effective Networking in a Down Economy and more.  Interested companies and groups can contact her at if they are interested in setting up a workshop or learning more.

Individuals can explore the CareerEdge website to see her interview with Fox 29 anchor Kerri-Lee Halkett (click arrow above), to find valuable career resources, and to learn more about services that can assist individuals seeking career direction or help with their job search.