Expert Resumes & LinkedIn Profiles

Is your resume landing you interviews?  Are you being contacted through LinkedIn? 

Resumes:   Your resume needs to present you in the best light for the position(s) you want to pursue.   Does it pass the “30 second test” and include the best keywords?  If you’re frustrated with low response to your resume, call us for a review.    We’ll give you straightforward advice.   Want someone else to write it for you?  We pride ourselves on writing  resumes that get results.

LinkedIn Profiles:  In this day and age, a great LinkedIn profile is critical for job seekers and working professionals.  Recruiters frequently use LinkedIn to identify candidates, so you need to be sure they can find you and understand your value.   We can setyou  up on LinkedIn or to update your current profile.

Cover Letters:   Are you getting conflicting advice about cover letters?   About one-third of recruiters don’t read them, while the others won’t give you a glance if you don’t provide a targeted cover letter.    We can help you construct an effective cover letter that can be tailored to specific positions.

What our clients are saying:

“What a difference! The day after I posted my new resume, I got five phone calls from recruiters!”  – Bill K.  Retail manager.

“Wow!  Sue was able to capture my skills and accomplishments so well.  I feel better about my job search already.”  – Beth P – Non-profit administrator.

If you aren’t getting in the door for interviews call us today at 484-433-7284.