Discover Your Direction

Choosing a career for the first time, making a course correction, or hoping to completely reinvent your career?  The CareerEdge process (V.I.P.S.) is designed to help you to identify the direction that fits your values, interests, personality type and skills.

  • Values Assessment:  Learn what values both motivate and provide you with the greatest satisfaction, with an analysis of your key accomplishments and by completing our career values inventory
  • Interests:   Pinpoint your occupational interests and best work environment with the Strong Interest Inventory (SII).
  • Personality:   Discover your key career satisfiers and natural talents, as we employ the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), the most widely-used and well-researched personality profile.
  • Skills:  Develop stories that showcase what skills you most enjoy using.  These stories form a narrative that will prove invaluable as you build or fine-tune your resume and prepare for job interviews.

What our clients say about our services:
“CareerEdge’s process starts with you, the person, not with a resume. It shows you who you really are, what you really want, and how to connect with people who are likely to hire you.” - Paul B, Sales Professional

“CareerEdge helped me discover my direction and gave me a better understanding of my value in the workforce!” – Maureen W – Transitioning back to the workforce after time away

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