How to Stay Positive & Upbeat During Job Search

Sometimes it feels like job search is just a series of rejections.    We plug away, looking for that next great opportunity, but all we seem to get is negative feedback.   Or worse, no feedback.   It’s very hard to stay positive under those circumstances.

So, what can you do to help yourself stay upbeat?   Here are some suggestions:

1) Get out of the house.   Don’t spend more than 25% of your time in front of the computer looking for jobs.  Face-to-face interaction is very important when you’re looking for work because you become isolated and lose your perspective when job seeking in a vacuum.   Schedule networking meetings, attend professional association workshops or meet a colleague for lunch.

2) Locate some job clubs or networking groups.    There are many free job search and networking groups available.  They often provide free help, support and new ideas and information.    You may even be able to help someone else out who is looking!

3) Volunteer your time.   Taking some time to help people who are less fortunate than you are can help you to combat the blues.   It reminds you that you have valuable skills and it shows that there are people who are in a worse situations than you are.  Do not underestimate the energy you will derive from doing something for others in need.

4) Spend time with supportive friends.   Your friends want to help you, but often they don’t know what to do.   It’s not their job to find you a job, but let them know how they CAN help you.    Have coffee with a different friend each week to brainstorm ideas or to just relax and talk about something other than job search.   Find a job search buddy to meet with once a week – you can provide some accountability and help one another to stay focused.  Think about what kind of help and support would be most valuable from your friends and then reach out to them.    You’ll both be glad you did.

5)  Analyze Your Job Search.   Take a look at what is working and what isn’t.   Are you getting a good response to your resume?   If not, perhaps it would be worth having a professional look at it.   Getting interviews but no offers?  Some practice interviews with a friend or professional might be what you need.   Networking not working for you?   Talk to someone who has done it successfully and see if you can get some suggestions.

6)  Take Control of Your Search.   Finally, take the control of your job search back into your own hands.   Stop emailing people and waiting for them to call you back.   When you’re networking, always let people know that you will call them in a couple of days to follow up.   Identify target companies that would be a good fit for you and look at the jobs posted on their corporate websites.   Start networking to find contacts at those companies, even if no jobs are posted.   Start taking a proactive approach to finding those people and companies out there who need you.   They’re out there – believe me – even in this economy!

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