Networking Basics
One of the most important things you can do as a job seeker is to begin an productive networking process.    In order for networking to be effective, you need to:

1) Know what you are looking for and be able to articulate it in a sentence or two.   

2) Have a list of target companies and a clear industry focus

3) Know what you’re asking for – people want to help you, but you must make it easy for them.  You are looking for ideas, advice, referrals and information.   Few people know of openings, even in their own companies, so the fastest way to shut down a conversation is by asking “do you know of any jobs?”.   

4) Networking is a two way street.   Keep in touch with your network by sending useful information on a topic of interest.   Email an article, contact or piece of information that may be helpful to them.   Give as much as you get.

Remember, you need to find the people out there who need someone like you.   Most of the people you speak with will not need your particular skills.   However, they are links in the chain to those companies and people who DO need you, so you’re looking for the next link in the chain!

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